Monday, September 20, 2010

Cake ball cake, Boy castle cake

Birthday cake for one of my biggest cake ball fans.

Cake for one of my good friends' son

The Princess and The Frog cake

Here is Raymond, or Ray. Who turned out stinkin' cute!!!!

Tiana and the Prince Naveen, in frog form (after my Cher Snow White, I wasn't about to do another "human" character. More practice before that happens!!)

Good ol' Louis playing his music (the trumpet is added later)

Putting everything together.

The finished product. I was going to do more to this cake, but, we live in a small town that only has one store (wal-mart) that carries cake supplies. And well, go figure, they were out of fondant. ) Imagine more swamp details on the edge of the cake, like reeds, or cat tails, other random greenery. Still turned out, but could have been better......

Louis, Tiana, and Prince Naveen floating down the Bayou, with Ray lighting the way.

Princess Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

First thing I did was shape the faces. They look like nothing more then a row of noses, very nice!!

I did them all in stages, so this is obviously a bit farther along. At this point I was a giddy with joy. They were turning out soooo cute!

The rest of the crew. Still awaiting very important body parts. Arms, hands, beards, eyes...still a ways to go.


And it's finished!!! Yea!!!! And it's cute!!!! And the birthday girl (Sadie) LOVES it!!!!! Yea!!!!!

(Have to admit, Snow White looks a little more like Cher then Snow White. I will have to work on the facial details a little bit more!)

The birthday card.