Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday and Theme cakes

Crabby Patty

Frog on lily pad

Lego Spongebob

Wishing on a star

Lightning McQueen

Rubber ducky

Chocolate cakes

Fruit and Chocolate

I actually did this for fathers day, but this is more of a wedding cake. I wanted to experiment with the rolled chocolate, and the sugared fruit. I have since found another way to do the chocolate rolls. It's actually called chocolate cigars. They are smaller in width, taller in height, and you make it all from scratch. The style on the cake below is done by shaving chocolate bars.

Close up on the yummy sugared fruit. This way of doing the fruit, you could actually eat it. I read about another way of doing it and it required egg yolks. And stressed very strongly that it was not edible. Who wants a cake that has fruit that looks like that, and not be able to eat it. So, this way you can eat it.

Nothing but Chocolate

This could be a grooms cake, a birthday cake, it could work for just about anything. "Sorry your PMS-ing" cake. Use your imagination. You could find a reason for this cake. Like the title says, Nothing but chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate chunks, it's chocolate! (Obviously, the bow is not chocolate, it is a real bow, not so tasty.)

This is a good way to do a masculine cake. Chocolate is usually a pretty safe way to do masculine. Again, it doesn't have to be a masculine only.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The not so 2-in-1

Here is Wyatt and Brynli's birthday cake for 2009. Michele called me up asking if I could make a cake for the party again. She told me not to worry about Wyatt, and just make it cute for Brynli. I sat there at the computer trying to get an idea for Brynli's cake, and I found this: a picture of a candy cake. It looked fun, it looked easy and I had no idea what to get Wyatt, so he got a candy cake for his birthday.

It was pretty easy, a little more time consuming then I originally thought. I thought the glue gun would be the best way to keep it together. However, it tended to melt the wrapping, so I had to squeeze a little out, and as it fell off the gun it would be cool enough to not melt the wrapping. That is what took forever!! Someone should invent a glue gun were you can control the temp, like our straight irons.

Here is Brynli's cake. Allison insisted that I do another crown cake like last year. I guess Brynli's crown is broken? So, against Allison's wishes I did this cute flower cake. Allison loved it!! And most important, Brynli loved it!!

I didn't have a lot lof time to work on this cake, I was a little worried I wouldn't have time to do this one and Wyatt's. It went pretty quick and pretty smooth and yea I was able to get both of them done.

This is basically fondant and royal icing (harden's up real nice). I made the flowers in advance, put the fondant on and then time to play. I had at first pictured smaller flowers, but I like the way it looks with the bigger flowers. I also had picked up a couple of toy dolls that I got the color scheme from. When I got to mom's house I put the dolls on but forgot to get pictures of that. You might check out Michele's blog, she might have pictures with the dolls on it. Again, very happy with the way this cake turned out.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


My older brother, Wyatt and his daughter Brynli, usually end up sharing family birthdays. (Their birthdays are only a day apart. So, as the big extended family, we always do them together.) I wanted to try to make a cake for both of them, but as one cake. This is what I came up with...

This portion of the cake is obviously Brynli's. I went to the store and found a cute crown, pretty ribbon and here you go. I don't think this cake could get any girl-ier. I really like how it turned out.

Here is just the close up, but not too close, of the flowers.

Now, this portion is Wyatt's. Just one layer. I have white chocolate chunks on top, and I believe the flavor of cake was also chocolate. The siding is fondant. Another reason why I love to use it, you can do all sorts of things with it. All kind of styles, and usually pretty easy to work with.

Another shot of Wyatt's.

The final shot of the cake. (I promise I will learn how to turn the pictures, after all I am a professional now :) ) Again, I was pretty excited about this cake. Wyatt's part is "masculine" enough, and Brynli's is all girl, and yet they go together pretty good.

This was last year's cake, we just celebrated their birthday for this year. I will post those pictures next.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

One of the early cakes

This is one of my first cakes. My first cake was Allison's first year birthday cake, and I don't think we had our digital yet. I need to check grandma's files and see if she has a copy of that one. You all would laugh!! This is Allison's second year birthday cake. Probably my second cake made, I don't think I really got into it until after this one.

Notice, no fondant. After my first cake I wasn't sure I would like working with fondant. I then found out how to really use it, and that made a difference. I would prefer to use the fondant now. It gives it a better finish if you ask me. For someone who is a perfectionist, I could never get the icing smooth enough. It drove me nuts! Again I have learned a few more tricks, but still prefer the fondant.

This cake is pretty simple and straight forward, but I think it turned out pretty cute. Allison really liked the flowers on it. It also tasted good. There's you upside to icing vs. fondant. The fondant, not one of my favorite tastes. However there are some people who enjoy the taste of the fondant.


I finally did it!! I'm starting a blog for my cakes. This is all for now until I gather all my photos. Just seeing if I could do one on my own.