Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kamryn's iPod cake.

Kevin's golfing cake

Steam Engine cake.

This cake was for my son, and there was supposed to be a another boxcar on the back of this. Went with a new supplier and didn't get supplies on time. So for his actual birthday, we had just plan ol' cake. When the supplies came in, I finished this. Working light, and steam. He LOVED it. He didn't want anyone to eat his cake. I was excited myself that everything worked like it should.

Boy's first year cake

I didn't get a finished picture on this cake. The party was planned to be held here in town, then ended up getting changed to a location only 5 hours away. I didn't plan on having it travel that far, so I didn't dare add on the details. I just gave the deliverer (the grandma of the birthday boy) the plan of where they were all supposed to go. I was glad to hear that the cake made it, still standing, and that the little boy loved it so much that he didn't give his mom a chance to get one of the cars on the cake. He ate it instead. Cute cute family, and I'm just so glad the cake made the delivery.

Princess Castle Cake

Pink and black baby shower cake

Cute flower cake for Brynli